Collected passages from The Book of Mozilla.

The Book of Mozilla, 12:10 (From Netscape Navigator, specific version unknown. Appeared in Netscape Navigator v1.1 to Netscape Communicator 4.8. 12:10 is December 10th 1994, the release date of Navigator 1.0.)

The Book of Mozilla, 3:31 - Red Letter Edition (From Mozilla Firebird v0.6.1. 3:31 is March 31st, 1998, the date of the Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code release.)

The Book of Mozilla, 7:24 - Arcanum (Will probably never be released. I don't know what the 7:24 refers to, unless Mike Young was thinking 24/7. Originally here.)

The Book of Mozilla, 7:15 - Red Letter Edition - Arcanum (Penned by Stephen Donner. Even less likely to be released. Originally here.)

The Book of Mozilla, 7:15 - Red Letter Edition (The first version of the one below. Not going to be released.)

The Book of Mozilla, 7:15 (Penned by Neil Deakin. Appears in Mozilla v1.5b. 7:15 is July 15th 2003, the day that the Mozilla Foundation was formed, and the day that America Online closed the Netscape browser division.)

The Book of Mozilla, 8:20 (Missing. Penned by Netscape lead engineer Christopher Finke. From Navigator 9.0b1. 8:20 is August 20th 2006, when the first internal email was sent mentioning the possibility of developing the next Netscape Navigator in house.)

The Book of Mozilla, 11:9 (Appears in Firefox 3.0. 11:9 is November 9th 2008, when Firefox 1.0 was officially released. No idea who wrote it.)

The Book of Mozilla, 11:1 - Arcanum (Missing. Appears in Flock v1.0. No idea what the 11:1 means.)

More scripture can be found on this page: Extracts from The Book of Mozilla. Mostly arcanum, some speak of dark times.