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His Touch

with His eyes He beckons me to His side
a fire erupts within me as i slowly approach Him
kneeling before Him i lower my eyes in sweet supplication
He reaches out and gently strokes my hair

such a small gesture
passion enfolds me
His caress enraptures me
my heart beats wildly

a smile curves on His lips, He knows His power
words whispered softly, 'Come here girl', as He pats His lap
strong arms pull me tightly to His chest, my Protector
safe and free, i have found my home in His arms

with His words He moves me
with a look He ignites a flame
with His guidance He molds me
with His touch....

with love to my Daddy, Pegasus Epsilon

- asphyxia
submitted Jun 1 2005


the words speak to me deeply....... is something i had .......even recently and lost all too suddenly..... the silence ..... is golden... its the things that go unspoken that toy with the soul ......... that get into ones heart . the way two can communicate with hardly a spoken word.........

it left me tearful....... and sad..... and knowing what i was missing

- glistening

This piece has a lot of emotion and subtle hints of supplication. One would think that she or he is already owned, thus the implications of being his. The desire to be whole through the Master, is denoted by the use of punctuation and capitalization. The writer made sure that the only words that were capped were that of him. This gives an expression of power over her and the willingness to be his slave.

It is interesting how there is little punctuation in the piece, except at the final stanza. It is one thought, one hope, one wish. Then at the end it becomes a statement instead of a wish. To be his. Only his. Period.

I enjoyed the piece and it brought a smile to my face to see the hope and desire of a person for another.

- k (an english teacher)

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