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Mar 05 2021
New quote on The Quotes Page from the ntptime(8) man page.
Nov 04 2018
New quote on The Quotes Page from Dennis Hall of Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Jun 30 2018
Old WebGL Mandelbrot/Julia explorer finally added to The Lab.
Feb 02 2016
Reliable badass Thomas Jefferson shows his rebellious streak on The Quotes Page
May 04 2014
New quote about making hard life choices on The Quotes Page
Mar 01 2014
Oh, right, this page exists. Well, since the last update, I've added more pictures of eternal to The Lab, along with some some greasemonkey scripts, a Minigame Solver for Thaumcraft 4, a link to my complexfractals project on github, and a link to the general code archive. Oh, also, I redid the soul page, and added a new essay on fatherhood. Yep. I'll try to be more diligent about updating this page.
Jan 09 2014
The Lab has been rebuilt. Added links to many things, including eternal's game and a Realtime Julia Set Demo.
Drive crash!
Aug 09 2010
New quote about perspectives in the workplace on The Quotes Page
Aug 07 2010
New game ((Poke Their) Lights Out, in development) posted in The Lab.
Aug 05 2010
Two new quotes added to The Quotes Page.
Apr 03 2010
New game (PvP Tic-Tac-Toe) posted in The Lab.
Oct 17 2009
New quote about art in the 21st century on The Quotes Page.
Jun 15 2009
New quote about courage vs fear on The Quotes Page.
Jan 01 2009
Three quotes on religion, from the founding fathers, added to The Quotes Page, thanks to Bill Maher.
Dec 05 2008
New quote from Dr. Gregory House on The Quotes Page.
Dec 02 2008
New quote from George Orwell on The Quotes Page.
Sep 17 2008
Revamped The Quotes Page, and added a few quotes. Added a long section on special license terms and a shorter one about not fearing licenses to The Peepshow's about page. Also fixed the site icon, which was apparently short-circuited by another project. That should have only affected some of the people browsing here, but it's standards now anyway.
Jun 2 2008
New quote from Thomas Jefferson on The Quotes Page. New quote from Doctor Gregory House on The Quotes Page.
Apr 8 2008
New quote from Sean Connery on The Quotes Page.
Dec 25 2007
Added a new program to The Lab
Dec 15 2006
Added a quote to The Quotes Page.
Dec 08 2006
Lost changes to the quotes page. Oops. Managed to keep the quote, though. Recovered updates to soul - past.
Dec 01 2006
Several updates to The Peepshow. Should work loads better now. Check it out!
Nov 07 2006
Lost an update or two. Mainly soul - past, but whatever. Reshuffled The Quotes Page, organizing them a bit more by category.
Oct 30 2006
Added a quote to The Quotes Page. Rearranged them a bit. Changed a significant number of link texts, that the W3C might smile upon me. Fixed an apparently longstanding bug where the black and white pages (no content specified) did not display random quotes like they should have. Updated the page about my license. The license itself remains the same.
Jul 22 2006
Finally wrote something up on my license. I got kinda ranty, sorry. But I kept it funny, and got pretty detailed in there too. Added a link to it from the lab
May 26 2006
Added "devotion" to the body page. Finally updated the soul page, the soul - past page, and the soul - future page. Added a link for new poem submission to the poetry page, and the Pleasure and Pain poem now has a feedback link.
Mar 09 2006
Updated the lab. Added a preview gif (ten frames) for fire. Fixed the link.
Dec 14 2005
Redid the page's CSS to follow the revised hacky specs to cope properly with the (hopefully) nicely fixed up MSIE7.
Dec 3 2005
Temporarily hosted at my house. If anyone wants to donate a vhost on their Apache/linux box, lemme know. Also added a link to the cam to the menu. Note that certain links at the left will be disabled until proper hosting is acquired.
Sep 3 2005
Added snmptrapd.c and to the lab.
Sep 1 2005
Randomness added to hate.
Aug 31 2005
Added "Fire" to the lab.
Aug 18 2005
Added the "email" link to the menu on the left.
??? ? 2005
Added the lab.
Jun 2 2005
Added a new poem to the poetry section.
Jun 1 2005
Added the poetry section, with a whopping two poems. Just go there.
May 31 2005
Added Mega Ripper 5.00 by JoNas to the Mind - the past page,
May 30 2005
Complete redesign. No user-visible changes, but the internals are very different.
May 6 2005
Added rant/essay, "On polyamory". Linked from Soul page, present section.
May 5 2005
Entirely new page design. Same old content. I'll replace it in the usual fashion (slowly). Noticed the thumbnail browser was broken. Fixed.
Mar 17 2005
I put my soul back online again.
Feb 16 2005
Added a new quote.
Feb 15 2005
Added a new quote. Thanks, kynan.
Feb 10 2005
I'm single again. Thus, the page for my soul will be pretty much blank for a while.
Jul 22 2004
Moved most of the links off the main page, to a page dedicated to random items.
May 20 2004
Noticed that the Collected Passages from The Book of Mozilla was offline. Fixed.
Feb 13 2004
Added links to formerly unlinked Pronpaper and Nakedbrowser
Jan 11 2004
Added a new quote.
Jan 10 2004
Added two new entries to the Words of Wisdom, at the bottom.
Jan 10 2004
The link to this page is new.
Jan 10 2004
This page is new.