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Long section. Read about my soul's past.


I'm no longer in Minnesota, if anyone cares, but I'm not currently telling anyone where I live. If you know me, you probably know, and if not, then as far as you know, I live on the internet. This page is still updated sporadically, at best, and that's just the way it's going to be.

Story time!

This ought to be under "Past", but it's relevant to now, so you all get to read it here instead.

Once upon a time, I was dating a girl who decided that it'd be great fun to fuck some other guy. She told me about it afterwards, and after a few days, I got over it. I told her that the reason I forgave her is because she was honest about it. And that was the truth.

A year later, she decides that it'd be fun to suck some other guy's cock. She didn't tell me this, I had to find out from a friend of hers. She denied this one. So I installed a logger on her computer, without her knowing, and gave her logs of her conversations with her friends about her sucking this other guy off. She still denied it. I told her I was leaving her. She begged me to stay, cried, etc.

Now...her friends were there the whole time. I was almost finished packing all my things up, and she went into the bathroom and grabbed a razor and slit her wrists. Her friends, understandably, were somewhat panicked. They set to work busily dressing her self-inflicted wounds. I calmly finished packing my things, and went and looked down at her, bleeding on the floor, surrounded by her friends. Then I said, "Everything that has gone wrong in our relationship, since the beginning, has been entirely your fault."

Then I left. I haven't spoken to her since.

So why-oh-why am I telling all of you anonymous readers this terrible story of my insensitivity and vengeance? Why am I telling you all outright what a horrendous bastard I am?

Because if you're entertaining thoughts of being with me, you need to be absolutely sure it's what you want. I don't do mutual breakups. I don't do staying friends. I don't play nice, and it never ends pretty with me. I pull no punches. Be sure, or be with someone else.

On a (loosely) related note, I've been getting a lot of shit lately for being poly, so I'd like to try to better explain my stance on the subject. With that goal in mind, I have wrought my essay on polyamory.


Another long section. Read about my soul's future. Or at least what I hope it will be.

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