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Multitasking - n. 1. Screwing up many things at once.


Long section. Read about my mind's past.


I got fired from Enterpoint after telling my boss to get the fuck out of my house and threatened to have the police officer he brought with him remove him by force. Long story, but funny as hell. The cop gave him a long lecture about trespassing and harassment out by his car, complete with finger-wagging, and then came back and told me she admired my audacity. I'm not going to buckle for some bastard just because he thinks he's entitled. My passwords will not be forked over just because you're feeling crabby. Learn to admin a server, douche.

I'm still coding most of the day, though, doing AJAX and perl mostly, but occasionally poking python and god knows what else. I still occasionally post some of it to the lab though, so if you really want to know, you can look there.

I finally got that nice big HDD I always wanted, and now I've got about 3 terabyte of storage online. No, you can't play with my data.


I wish I knew what the future held. It would make it a lot easier for me to be rich.

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