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You know as well as i do that you're only here for the pictures


I first got into BDSM when I was 16, and humiliation when I was 17. An ex once told me that I am a selfish, egotistical, insensitive asshole. The same ex also told me that I am good in bed. And yes, after she was an ex. Apparently I am a bad person. Unless you want someone to fuck you like God and abuse you like Satan, I'm probably not the guy for the job. At least not in the Body department.


Unlike my mental phases, my sexual preferences remain pretty stable (minus the occasional whim, or moment of inspiration). Here's the basics:

I will expect any girl that comes along, hoping to be a part of my life, to meet most of these requirements. Of course almost any kink and/or fetish is welcome, but honesty is an absolute requirement. I have zero tolerance for deception.


In the future, I hope to have a slave (or two) who understands submission, and the concepts of trust, respect, honor, and devotion. Hopefully they (if there is indeed more than one) will be able to get along with each other.

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