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Welcome to the lab. Here, you'll find all my toys. This place is very likely to be updated often.

This stuff (unless specified otherwise) is licensed according to my license.

This is basically where I will put things that I've made. The place is a little barren at the moment due to a data apocalypse. I'll add and hopefully recover things over time.

Stuff I've made
Eternal part 1 flickr
Eternal part 2 flickr
Eternal part 3 flickr
Eternal part 4 flickr
Eternal part 5 flickr
Eternal part 6 flickr
Eternal part 7 flickr
Eternal's game
Realtime Julia Set Demo
Realtime WebGL Julia/Mandelbrot explorer
Minigame solver for Thaumcraft 4
Greasemonkey scripts
Complex Fractals github
Random code

Other stuff will be here as I recover it or discover backups laying around. Be patient.