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I have decided that

I hate the guy that invented the automatically flushing toilet. Not because he invented a thing that automatically keeps the bathroom clean, because that, obviously, is a good thing, but instead that he didn't design the thing to be more intelligent about WHEN it flushes. See, when I'm on the toilet, and I lean back for a second, and the thing flushes, that's a problem for me.

Science fiction doesn't predict the future, it merely influences the shape of things to come. Do you honestly believe that such an inefficient design as that new star-trek-style flip phone would have been invented by a natural progression of technology? It's just some trekker's idea of bringing his fantasy to the marketplace. If you want to see the result of design based on technological advancement, see your local volvo dealer.

When you order an ice cream cone, and they ask you "Would you like fries with that?", theres something wrong with this world. Why would you ever want fries with your ice cream? All you asked for was ice cream, it makes sense that you DON'T want salty greasy potato strips on top of it. And if you did, fuck, wouldn't you ask?

The Entire world is in denial, and it pisses me off. Just be honest for christ's sake. Do you honestly think you're the only person in the world that feels that way? If you're honest, maybe you'll find a friend that really does share your interests. ALL of them. No matter how whacked.

Religion is evil. Denial comes from guilt, and I'm willing to bet that over 90% of most people's guilt comes from some kind of religious skull beating that someone got sometime in the past. We need liberating religions. Word to The Church of Holmes.

The government is NOT here to help. Anyone who can take away your house, your car, your job, and your family, even your life, without any accountability, unless you're either rich, or famous, is NOT your friend. That's the organization that needs to have it's power base removed. I used to have a plausible deniability thing here, but I just don't care so much anymore. The fucking government needs to go. That's all there is to it.

The public school system is an evil institution. I've known this for awhile, but I feel that I need to express this in this forum. School discourages original thought, even more now that we have all these dress code restrictions. I'm terribly sorry, but if what my daughter is wearing is legal on the street, you can damned well expel her ass, because if that's what she wants to wear, then that's the only way you're going to get that outfit off campus. I'm not taking any more shit from any school faculty. And can you actually teach her something, please? Like maybe how to learn from a book, as opposed to how to naïvely believe everything you tell her?

I'm tired of idiots. I'm not talking about simple people, who don't have the capacity to understand quantum physics, because that I don't mind. If you can't learn it because you don't posess the ability, I can't very well hold that against you. What I hate is the people who either don't try, or fake knowing what they're talking about for a bigger paycheck. Now I'm no Stephen Hawking, but c'mon, people. At least try to learn things, and please don't fake like you can do a job you can't. It only frustrates those of us who know what we're talking about, and don't have your pretty paperwork. We can't get the jobs we deserve, and we also have to deal with your illiterate ass. When I call 411, I don't expect the guy to know anything. But when I call my ISP, yer damned right I expect them to know what chown(1) is.

I like the movie Sliver. I never really noticed the power struggle between the two main characters. I think I was too busy checking out Sharon's titties. But they are nice titties.

Porn kicks ass. Where else could you spend USD$15.00 and watch some chicks with perfect bodies fuck for two hours, as many times as you like, over and over? And they don't even care if you're naked and wanking! Usually, that sort of thing is expected! word to porn.

SEX IS HARD WORK! I estimate sex to equate to running a mile. It takes longer, but hell. You're horizontal. Usually, anyway. It's hard to burn calories when you're horizontal! So I figure that hour or two of activity roughly equates to a brisk mile jog.

I hate sweating. Sweating sucks. This is the year 2000. We have air conditioning. Sweating is way too old school for me. We should have personal freeon coolant systems. Or something like that.

I'm tired of waiting for this sterile, technologically advanced future we've all heard so much about. I want my protein in a capsule, and my vitamins sitting there in a caplet right next to it. Fat and sugar are evil. Time release is the way to go when it comes to nutrition.

We all should attend an orgy at least once per week. And the quality of the ass that you get at your orgy should be equally porportionate to the skill you posess when it comes to wearing that ass out. That oughta fix the whole "I never get off" whining. Come see Daddy Peg. I'll take your ass on a trip thru MY neighborhood. You won't want to leave, I promise.

People are too scared to chase their dreams. Yes, it may not work, yes, it may even flop spectacularly. But the point is you tried, and without pursuing your dreams with all your might, you will never reach any of them. That is the true recipe for being miserable. Let it never be said that I don't pursue my dreams.

I am ok with being wrong, as long as being wrong makes me happy. I don't mean that sometimes I like getting the facts screwed up, I mean that sometimes doing the right thing is not what's going to make me happy, and that's not just ok with me, I prefer doing the wrong thing when it works like that. The fact that some people insist on doing what's right when it makes them hate life not only doesn't make sense to me, it makes me sick to my stomach. Live for yourself. This is your life, and you (probably) only get to go 'round once. If you don't make yourself happy, nobody's gonna do it for you.