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This is where I put what I want in my ideal girl, since that's what I want in my future.

The kinky/fetish stuff is on the body page, so I put things here that are more vague or personality related.

I have some strange criteria in this area, by the way, so brace yourself.

I want a girl who understands that life is a game of chess, with nearly infinite gameplay possibilities, some rules, and a lot of bad moves, not a simple puzzle with smooth confining borders.

One that owns her own kneepads.

One that waxes (or Nair®s) fairly regularly.

One that would rather be a cannibal than join PeTA. Not kidding, fuck PeTA, and anyone that supports their facist propaganda.

One whose heroine is Marie Curie.

One where, if I'm horny, and she's exhausted, I get something anyway.

One that smokes, drinks, parties all night, and fully intends to do that for the rest of her life.

One that likes loud music, but not country, and especially Jungle/DnB.

One that likes fire and watching things explode.

One that uses tampons, not maxi pads.

One that finds romance overrated, but still squeals when she gets a flower from me. And not a fucking rose, either. In fact, one that prefers a calla lily to a rose.

One that would drop everything to be with me for even only a small amount of time, just like I would do for her.

One that will stick by me through all my shit.

One that would die for me if I wanted that from her.

One that would have a hard time living without me.

One that will endure for me as much as I would for her.

One that doesn't care where her tongue goes or what goes in her mouth (Except scat. Ew.)

One that tastes like honey, smells like strawberries, and feels like velvet.

One that prefers black or deep red.

One that knows exactly when to shut up, is a good liar, and yet gets physically ill when foolishly attempting to lie to me.

One that loves my orgasms more than I do. Which is pretty fucking hard to do.

One that is keenly observant.

One that does things for me on the chance that I might notice, not because she knows I will.

One that needs me because I'm the only one that can take that place in her heart, not because she simply has no one else.

One who clings to me unless specifically asked to give me space. Even when I'm pissed enough to sock her.

One that likes chess, and maybe is even better at it than I am. Of course that's not so hard, since I kinda suck at chess.

One that doesn't give a shit about money, since I don't have any, but values time and love over everything else.

One that knows what the fuck she wants out of life, and out of a relationship.

One that knows how to keep me from walking out of her life forever (which usually involves a lot of really convincing begging).

One that has read this entire site, and remembers at least the body and soul present/future parts.

I'm sure there's more, but I'll have to add it as it comes to me. I'll probably never find all this in one package, but hell, it's my pipe dream, let me have it.