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Someone said that my site has no content. They are incorrect.

Most of my content is not linked to any other page on the site. Most of my content is only known to my close friends.

This is intentional.

Some of my content is not suitable for public release. Such as the library. No, that is not a link, stop clicking.

Some of my content is not of interest to the general public. Such as this. Yeah, it's kinda funny, but most of you don't care. So things like this just aren't linked.

Some of my content is only of interest to a very select group of people. Like my resume. Or the definitive list of things that are gothic. Which is meant as a joke, but is still, unfortunately, frighteningly accurate.

There is also a class of things that are basically buried so deeply in my page that you really won't find them unless you really look hard. One such example would be the polyamory essay I wrote one night when tired of being questioned on my views regarding the subject, tired of defending those views, etc. Now I just drop people the URL and walk away.

There are also various random screenshots, some animated, some of windows, some of linux, who knows what else, but few of you will ever see it. Sorry.

It just doesn't matter to most people, therefore this site is just my personal scratch space, with some semi-palatable drivel thrown over the top (very personal-ad style) for the masses to consume as they are so efficient at doing.

If I get enough people bugging me I'll start "blogging". So far nobody really cares to read what randomness I write. Such is life.